Roundtable write-up

Refurbishment – we love it! Complex cut and carve, listed buildings and heritage restoration are some of the most rewarding projects out there.

However, with challenges surrounding existing building and site conditions, ensuring fire integrity is maintained, the insurance, market and a desire to maximise sustainability accreditations towards #zerocarbon, taking the option to refurbish a building can affect project viability and appear unattractive to some developers.

To maximise opportunities from these challenging but rewarding projects, we brought together a group of experienced developers and consultants to harness valuable insights as captured in our report.

Our experts were:

  • Chair: Tony Smith – Buro Four
  • Martin Smith – Buro Four
  • Richard Rixson – Endurance Land
  • Niall Aitken – exigere
  • Natalie Barber – Buro Four
  • Adam Draper – Arax Properties
  • Hugo Dring – Buro Four
  • Diego Henriques – Anglo American
  • Michael Jones – The Portman Estate
  • Sascha Lewin – W.RE
  • Andrew Ross – Global Holdings
  • Matthew Ryan – Cadogan


Download the full write-up above.