Beltane Asset Management and Angelo Gordon have awarded ISG a major project to revitalise Millennium Bridge House, now known as One Millennium Bridge, and transform it into a low carbon mixed-use scheme – comprising new rejuvenated office, retail and public realm facilities.

Buro Four has been selected as project manager for the prominent London office redevelopment which will encompass the full regeneration of the five-storey building. This will include numerous extensions to pave the way for an additional sixth floor and a rejuvenated rooftop. Upon completion, this space will offer a publicly accessible terrace and restaurant, maximising urban greening and external amenity space with new views over the River Thames.

The scheme entails a comprehensive programme of structural intervention and extension works. It further builds on ISG’s experience of delivering complex city centre redevelopments, incorporating existing and new elements to create enhanced spaces while minimising carbon production.

Built to achieve BREEAM RFO 2014 (Excellent) and a 61 per cent reduction in Carbon emissions over baseline Building Regulations requirements, the project will harness Circular Economy and carbon reduction principles.

The construction will include demolition back to its structural frame, retaining approximately 60 per cent of the building’s existing structure and an all-timber feature kite roof instead of a more carbon intensive steel frame. The energy efficient approach to heat recovery and thermal storage also works to reduce the amount of rooftop plant required to service the building.

The scheme also includes Blue roof areas, providing a sustainable urban drainage system as well as extensive green roof areas. An all-electric solution that maximises the area available for a publicly accessible rooftop garden, further encourages biodiversity, attenuates rainwater and reduces the urban heat island effect.
Steven McGee, managing director of ISG’s Construction London business, said: “The One Millennium Bridge is a prime example of what can be gained from a forward-thinking approach to re-using and adapting a building for a low carbon future.

“Beltane Asset Management’s vision will transform this dated 1980’s structure to a thriving hub and super performing space. It demonstrates how the successful implementation of low carbon solutions and principals not only achieve the increasingly important ESG criteria for the buildings of the future but also lead the way to London’s commercial property market of tomorrow.”

Keith Davies, Project Director at Buro Four said “This is a complex scheme in a challenging location, yet the team has been able to develop and start to deliver a truly engaging design which boasts a low carbon philosophy at its core. It is important to see our industry respond to the challenges we face in terms of climate change and it’s a privilege to work with such a forward-thinking client and team willing to implement innovative solutions and breathe new life into existing building stock”