As part of our membership to the Westminster Property Association, earlier this year Buro Four commissioned research into the future skills required to be successful in the industry. This research formed the basis of the “Building Skills for the Future” report, which utilised survey results from multiple companies in the industry.


This research was commissioned alongside Grosvenor, HB Reavis, Landsec, Macdonald & Company, and Waterman Group. The report studied the kills individuals felt they needed in the sector and the most effective ways to develop these skills. The key findings of the study were:

  1. The trend most likely to affect the real estate sector is the climate crisis, followed by technology and the digital world. 93% of respondents said they would benefit from learning more about these trends.
  2. Nine out of ten respondents think the sector should recruit more people from outside the sector, with social sciences being the most popular sector to recruit people from.
  3. Lack of awareness of jobs in real estate, and the sector not being willing to take risks, are the biggest barriers to people joining from other sectors.
  4. Data analysis plus related skills, and skills associated with innovation, are those most people want to develop to improve their contribution to the future of the sector.
  5. The most popular way for people to develop these skills is through short courses and mentoring opportunities.